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Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Karen Alexander, Nutritional Therapist and founder of Nutritious Roots, with a special interest in thyroid and digestive health. It is because of my love of all things health related, and suffering from a chronic thyroid condition, that I have learnt so much about the human body and how lifestyle and nutrition interventions can have a profound affect on overall health and healing.

My fascination with nutrition was driven by my desperate need to feel better. Always searching for the next experience that would make a difference I have attended many health and yoga retreats, seen some wonderful therapists, read so many books I could open my own library, been hypnotised, meditated, had my blood analysed, my chakras realigned, travelled across the globe and explored every diet from vegan raw to paleo. So it came as no surprise when I finally decided to study Nutritional Therapy. I have had under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) since the age of 10 which was treated incorrectly for 15 years until I researched and sought the help I needed from a private endocrinologist.

Years before I decided to study nutrition I landed a job in marketing and moved to London. As I was already quite unwell and struggling with fatigue and depression living in London took it out of me even more and I slowly started to unravel. When I look back it’s not surprising that my health deteriorated even further during those 7 years. I was always extremely tired on waking and would feel sick and dizzy. Due to my daily struggle to get going, I would use stimulants such as coffee and sugar to wake myself up. I would become slightly more alive by late morning just in time for lunch, and then feel exhausted again by mid afternoon. Come the evening I would be tired but wired and unable to drop off to sleep. Heart palpitations and panic attacks further exacerbated my struggle to switch off at night leading to poor sleep which further fuelled my need for coffee and sugar! By the weekend all I wanted to do was sleep. No matter how much sleep I had I was ALWAYS exhausted and ALWAYS felt heavy and fatigued. I was also having blackouts where time would pass but I couldn’t recall what had happened. All this wasn’t helped by a toxic relationship that was making me even more anxious and depressed.

Since the age of 10 I have always taken thyroid medication at varying doses and had started to take T3 medication in 2012 which greatly improved my symptoms. Read more about my experience with underactive thyroid here. It was therefore even more vital to look after myself, get plenty of sleep, good nutrition and stay off the sugar and coffee. But there was no chance of that. I was studying Nutritional Therapy by this point with a keen focus on thyroid health due to my own condition, and yet I felt powerless to overcome all my health conditions while trapped in this vicious cycle of working a full week and then studying on weekends. The irony was that to get to a place where I could run my own business as a Nutritional Therapist, I had to go through this period of time that made me feel even worse. I always remember speaking to a girl at an open day who had just finished her qualification just as I was starting mine. She said she needed a year off to recover. I couldn’t understand it at the time but I totally get it now. 

After leaving my job and moving out of London it took months and months to feel better but with time and perseverance I made many lifestyle and nutritional changes which have transformed my health. I went on to study a masters degree in Personalised Nutrition and gained Distinction. 

Today I run a successful Nutritional Therapy business. It has taken years to build and continues to grow all the time. I’m so thankful that I made it through whilst having a chronic disease and working awful jobs to finally be doing what I love. I feel so fortunate to be able to help people using the knowledge I have learned.

True health is about understanding your unique and complex set of interwoven influences that is preventing optimum health. I want to inspire you to find your way to the very best health possible.


You are what you think, feel, eat, drink, breathe and absorb through your skin.


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