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I’m Karen Alexander and I practice Nutritional Therapy in Farnham, Surrey. I also hold consultations via video call for long distance and international clients. I have an MSc with distinction in Personalised Nutrition and studied my Nutritional Therapy qualification at CNM London.

I’m passionate about helping people using my knowledge of nutritional science to promote health, vitality and performance. I assess an individual’s unique influences that are preventing optimum health, to create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan with ongoing support. I work on the basis that if you understand why your health may have deteriorated, and why you need to make changes, you’re much more likely to embrace your plan with excitement and longevity. I can show you how food and lifestyle can have a profoundly positive effect on health. My own experience has not been smooth sailing and I have battled with an underactive thyroid. This caused debilitating fatigue, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and painful inflammation of the gut. My full story is detailed on my blog. I know how difficult it can be to achieve the work/life balance which is required for good health, whether or not you suffer from a chronic health condition.

Using my clinical experience and the understanding I have acquired from struggling through my own health challenges, I also write a blog which provides informative articles which I hope will educate and inspire you to find your way to the very best health possible.

Please feel free to contact me directly to organise a one to one consultation.


It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.
 – William Osler



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