Autumn Cleansing


Many people view cleansing as something you should do to rid yourself of toxins after an indulgent period of time, but this is certainly not the only time to consider cleansing. Usually referred to as a detox, cleansing is useful to complete 2 or 3 times a year to provide the liver with the extra support it may need to carry out over 500 vital functions. A cleanse can be done at any time of year but Autumn can often feel like a natural time as the weather is changing and we enter into the colder months. 

Supporting detoxification has received a bad rap in the media due to some of the fad diets and trends that are not always safe for everyone. There is also the stance from some mainstreamers that the body detoxes all the time and there is no need to support this process. I think it’s rather obvious that we feel better when we eat well, drink plenty of water, take time to relax and get plenty of sleep. A cleanse is simply a time to focus on these areas.  It’s therefore important to note that my version of a cleanse is definitely not about deprivation, but rather a time to prepare your food at home (where possible) and to eat nourishing protein, healthy fats and plenty of seasonal nutrient-dense vegetables to provide your detoxification pathways with the nutrients needed to function optimally. It’s a time to slow down, nurture, self-love, heal and take time away from electronics (once you’ve read my blog). 

Here are my top 5 reasons to cleanse:

1. Liver support

Multiple systems are involved in detoxification with the liver playing a fundamental role. Unfortunately, many aspects of modern life can interfere with this finely tuned system which can cause ill health. Effective detoxification relies on the liver to breakdown many things from hormones and cells that are produced naturally by the body, to external influences such as drugs and environmental toxins. We can support our hardworking liver with a healthy diet and nourishing botanicals such as dandelion, burdock and artichoke.

2. Gall bladder support

The gall bladder stores bile after it has been made by the liver and is vital for fat breakdown. Far too often the gall bladder is an after-thought when inflammation is already present and gall stones have formed. Supporting the gallbladder is naturally part of a cleanse and will help to reduce the chance of it becoming sluggish and problems developing.

Gall bladder removal is becoming increasingly common and yet in most cases it can be prevented. There is also a misguided notion that the gallbladder is unimportant so it doesn’t matter if it’s removed. Unfortunately removing the gall bladder prevents the storage of bile ready for digestion and perhaps more importantly, it doesn’t address the underlying reasons that you experienced gall bladder issues in the first place. 

Far too often the gall bladder is an after-thought when inflammation is already present and gall stones have formed.

3. Effective digestion

A cleanse can help support those vital pathways of digestion – after all, we are not what we eat but what we absorb. A cleanse will help with gut integrity and enhance the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which in turn helps with more effective digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Healthy digestion is vital to convert food into nutritious substances that can be utilised in the body.

4. Immune support

Our immune system has many responsibilities, such as keeping inflammation in check and ensuring heavy metals, bacteria and viruses are rapidly engulfed and destroyed. Reducing this burden with a cleanse is a valuable way of supporting your immune system so it can work more effectively. This can help to prevent feeling run-down and reduce susceptibility to illness.

A cleanse encourages us to slow down, adopt self-care and enjoy what we are eating.

5. Increased energy

If done correctly, a cleanse will work at a deep cellular level on the powerhouse of our cells, the mitochondria. Although you may need to wait a few days before your cleanse symptoms ease, after this time most people experience feelings of enhanced wellbeing and improved energy. This improved energy can often create more productive days and a clearer mindset.

A cleanse can also set you on the right path to continue eating and living in a way that nourishes and supports your body. It encourages us to slow down, adopt self-care and enjoy what we are eating.

My favourite cleanse is the Total Cleanse Programme by Wild Nutrition. This is a 28 day programme that comes in a box set containing the Balance Multi Nutrient, Antioxidant Boost and Total Cleanse Complex and an information booklet about how to complete your cleanse if you are not working with a Nutritional Therapist already.

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