Cass – Clapham, London

I visited Karen about a couple of issues earlier this year and I can heartily recommend her approach from start to finish.


In the first instance Karen provides a very thorough consultation process where I felt confident about her knowledge. Within our first twenty minutes she had highlighted that there could be a direct link between Candida and depression which I had no understanding or appreciation of.


Karen then went through a thorough case history with me, outlining how my past experiences and intolerances combined with my current lifestyle could be contributing to some of the issues faced – and made a clear, easy to understand plan for me to follow.


What I valued most highly was her intelligent approach, friendly attitude, unjudgemental understanding (there were some things I told her, that I hadn’t shared with my closest friends) and her professionalism. She also made herself very available to me post consultation in regard to answering questions, prescribing relevant supplements and answering questions I had – even late at night – which often tended to be the case with my busy lifestyle.


I felt I learned a lot from Karen and still continue to read her blog and seek out her nutritional advice now.

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