7th July 2016

Thyroid Care & T3

I’m 21 and sitting in front of yet another GP explaining how tired I am, how I can’t focus on my work and feel depressed, anxious and tearful all the time. The doctor looks at my blood results perplexed and says that my T4 and TSH is normal so she doesn’t think it’s my thyroid, but will increase my T4 medication slightly as I’m showing symptoms of low thyroid function. As per usual the increase in medication was to […]
7th May 2016

Recovery from Chemo

Tom speaking at an event to help educate others about the living foods lifestyle. Recovering from chemo and radiation with careful and considered lifestyle and dietary changes is one of the most important things you can do to give the body a fighting chance of being able to combat future cancer. I met Tom Fisher in 2011, when I attended Hippocrates Health Institute, and he had done just that. After finishing chemo he was depleted and very ill. What he […]
29th March 2016

The Relationship Dance

We’ve all been there, you’re seeing a guy and you’re beginning to like him, he’s attentive, seems thoughtful, intelligent and makes you laugh. Then, just when it’s all going well and has the potential to develop into a committed relationship, he suddenly changes. Gone is the charm, the regular contact, the urgency to set up the next date and this is replaced by a kind of aloofness. You begin to wonder if you did something wrong and start to question what has changed? I’ve heard it […]
27th January 2016

Eating to Thrive

Having studied the subject of nutrition for quite some time, I have noticed a lot of judgement that comes from all directions. The media is full of opinions with hundreds of different diets purporting to produce miraculous results that will apparently suit everyone who tries it. Many ‘camps’ don’t seem open to the another way and the idea prevails that one size fits all. The inspiration for this article came from a social media post comparing two high profile women. […]
14th December 2015

Recovery from Bowel Cancer

Andrea with her husband Robert and their grandchildren. I met Andrea when I attended Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in September 2011 to complete the Life Change Programme. I spent a lot of time with Andrea at HHI and was constantly inspired and amazed by her strength, positive outlook and loving nature.  Andrea’s story is a perfect example of what can be achieved with faith, belief and dedication to health and healing. It also showed me how love and positivity can […]
5th November 2015

Game of Porcelain Thrones – Crohn’s Disease

An important part of my blog is sharing success stories of my friends and family who suffer from conditions and are experiencing positive outcomes, are in remission or have cured themselves through the use of nutrition and lifestyle interventions.   This is an honest and frank account of what’s it’s like to have Crohn’s Disease written by my brother-in-law, Luke Alexander-Hill. By doing his own research into the condition and trying out various ways of eating and lifestyle changes, in combination […]
20th October 2015

Breast Cancer Survivor

I haven’t posted for a few weeks as I’ve been busy with my MSc and I also went to New York. I’ll be posting about one of the restaurants I visited next week, but in the meantime here is an incredible true story I’m sure you will enjoy reading.  During my travels and visits to various health retreats and conferences, I have met so many people who have inspired me with their stories of healing and transformation. I met Malini at a […]
13th August 2015

My story

I am Karen Alexander, a Nutritionist practicing in Lewes, East Sussex. It is because of my love of all things health related that I have learnt so much about the human body and how lifestyle and nutrition interventions can have a profound affect on overall health and healing. Always searching for the next experience I have attended many health and yoga retreats, seen some wonderful and not so wonderful therapists, read so many books I could open my own library, been […]