Karen was exactly the kick start I needed to reassess my nutrition needs and unlock how much better I could feel with a plan that supported me directly. Like most people these days, life is very busy and eating intelligently takes a lot of research and knowledge that I don’t possess nor have the time to research. Karen’s expertise and holistic look at everything surrounding my health and how important nutrition is really opened my eyes and has changed my eating habits forever – you definitely are what you eat!

Karen was also extremely valuable when my Mum became ill with cancer, offering important nutrition advice that provided welcome support at such a difficult time.

Lotty – Clapham, London

After having many health issues I went to visit Karen for some advice. After a thorough and very professional consultation, I was given a programme to follow. The results were fantastic and she has given me new inspiration for my eating habits. I can’t recommend Karen enough. It has not all been easy but definitely worth it and beneficial to my health and wellbeing.

Emily – Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Karen was extremely thorough in her consultation with me – she asked plenty of questions to really gather evidence on what my problems might stem from, and offered sound and achievable solutions that were within my budget and fitted with my lifestyle. I really felt like she listened to me, took what I was saying on board and suggested a realistic plan of action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen’s services.”

Nicola – Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

I visited Karen about a couple of issues earlier this year and I can heartily recommend her approach from start to finish.


In the first instance Karen provides a very thorough consultation process where I felt confident about her knowledge. Within our first twenty minutes she had highlighted that there could be a direct link between Candida and depression which I had no understanding or appreciation of.


Karen then went through a thorough case history with me, outlining how my past experiences and intolerances combined with my current lifestyle could be contributing to some of the issues faced – and made a clear, easy to understand plan for me to follow.


What I valued most highly was her intelligent approach, friendly attitude, unjudgemental understanding (there were some things I told her, that I hadn’t shared with my closest friends) and her professionalism. She also made herself very available to me post consultation in regard to answering questions, prescribing relevant supplements and answering questions I had – even late at night – which often tended to be the case with my busy lifestyle.


I felt I learned a lot from Karen and still continue to read her blog and seek out her nutritional advice now.

Cass – Clapham, London

I came to see Karen after meeting her through a mutual friend and discussing my son’s health with her. I felt she was interested and really wanted to help him. Not only did she make sense in everything she explained to me, she was more than willing to go that extra mile to give me all the right information I needed. Karen gave diet and lifestyle lessons that not only benefit my son but me too.


A professional, caring and understanding nutritionist. A true inspiration. “

Stella – Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Since beginning my programme with Karen I have felt more in tune with my body’s nutritional needs, her expert knowledge of food in its truest form enlightened me to acknowledge what my body had been lacking for so long. Using Karen’s nutritional advice as a way to take control of my diet has been a liberating experience. I feel more energised and healthy on both an emotional and physical level. Nutritious Roots has been at the core of my personal journey to a greater sense of well-being. Thank you Karen!

Katie – Broxbourne, Hertfordshire