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18th May 2016

The Golden Goddess

Turmeric has over 300 compounds, many of which are phytochemicals that have disease preventative properties. Turmeric displays anti-biotic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants effects. A classic example of food being medicine. While there are many beneficial compounds in turmeric, the one that has received the most attention is curcumin. It is the component of turmeric that gives it the bright yellow colour and is why in India it is often called The Golden Goddess.  Studies on curcumin have shown anti-cancer potential in […]
3rd March 2016

To Soy or not to Soy

Soy is everywhere these days and has been touted as a health food that can be used as an alternative to cows milk. Health claims include its ability to regulate hormones, reduce hot flushes during menopause and reduce the risk of breast cancer. But how much of this is based on evidence, and with soy in so many of our foods, are we having too much and in the wrong form? One of the reasons that soy has been studied […]
20th October 2015

Breast Cancer Survivor

I haven’t posted for a few weeks as I’ve been busy with my MSc and I also went to New York. I’ll be posting about one of the restaurants I visited next week, but in the meantime here is an incredible true story I’m sure you will enjoy reading.  During my travels and visits to various health retreats and conferences, I have met so many people who have inspired me with their stories of healing and transformation. I met Malini at a […]