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25th October 2017

Autumn Cleansing

Many people view cleansing as something you should do to rid yourself of toxins after an indulgent period of time, but this is certainly not the only time to consider cleansing. Usually referred to as a detox, cleansing is useful to complete 2 or 3 times a year to provide the liver with the extra support it may need to carry out over 500 vital functions.
14th December 2015

Recovery from Bowel Cancer

Andrea with her husband Robert and their grandchildren. I met Andrea when I attended Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in September 2011 to complete the Life Change Programme. I spent a lot of time with Andrea at HHI and was constantly inspired and amazed by her strength, positive outlook and loving nature.  Andrea’s story is a perfect example of what can be achieved with faith, belief and dedication to health and healing. It also showed me how love and positivity can […]
9th November 2015

Fountain of Juice

In the heavily debated subject of nutrition there aren’t many things that we all agree on, but there does seem to be at least one and that is the benefits of fresh vegetable juice. This simple practice can dramatically improve your health and combat ageing as an addition to your healthy diet. Here’s why everyone should start the day with a fresh vegetable juice. Eating your 20 a day suddenly became much easier   We all know about the 5-a-day portion of fruit […]
5th November 2015

Game of Porcelain Thrones – Crohn’s Disease

An important part of my blog is sharing success stories of my friends and family who suffer from conditions and are experiencing positive outcomes, are in remission or have cured themselves through the use of nutrition and lifestyle interventions.   This is an honest and frank account of what’s it’s like to have Crohn’s Disease written by my brother-in-law, Luke Alexander-Hill. By doing his own research into the condition and trying out various ways of eating and lifestyle changes, in combination […]
14th September 2015

What’s your gut feeling? Part 2 – Healing your gut

In PART 1 I explained why gut health is so important and what can go wrong. Part 2 brings us onto the good news. There is so much you can do, starting today, that can help you rebuild a healthy gut and restore your health. Start healing your gut now! Healthy Eating to begin healing your gut Healthy eating has to come first and foremost as what we eat and feed our children has such a profound impact. Good […]
12th September 2015

What’s your gut feeling? Part 1

It’s strange to think we are made up of trillions of bacteria and that we have more bacteria than human cells. But what does this bacteria do and why is it so important?  Probiotic bacteria covers the surface of our nine metre digestive system from our mouth, through our oesophagus, into our stomach, right through to our small and large intestines. All disease begins in the gut. Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC) Digestion The beneficial bacteria are vital for the effective digestion and absorption […]