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8th January 2016

Part 3 It’s in the Water: Filters

The next and final part of my article is all about water filtration. I have attempted to decipher the different kinds of filter systems so you can make the best choice for your needs and budget. Brita and ZeroWater jugs/pitchers PROS: Cheap and fits easily into the fridge. CONS: Brita provides very minimal filtration. COST: Starts at £19.99 for a Brita (approx $21 in the US) and £55.99 (approx $30 in the US) for a ZeroWater.    A lot of people in the […]
20th December 2015

Part 1 It’s in the Water: Tap Water

After oxygen, water is the most vital element that keeps us alive. It is needed in constant supply for every single process in the body from digestion, respiration and circulation to lymphatic and hormone function. An adult body is between 55% – 65% water and the brain and heart is composed of approx 73% water. Given this importance, it’s surprising how little thought is given to what is in our water. Most people I know stick to bottled water or […]
29th November 2015

ILIA Crimson & Clover

I’m passionate about natural beauty and do not believe we have to sacrifice quality and ethics when it comes to looking great.  There are some pretty special makeup, skincare and haircare products that perform far better and look just as good as the mainstream synthetic, unethical brands that fill the shelves of every supermarket and chemist. This article features the fabulous Crimson & Clover Tinted Lip Conditioner by ILIA. When is comes to lipstick we have to be even more […]