It has made such a difference to my health. After years of not knowing why I had the symptoms I had, Karen was able to figure it out and offer the support I needed to feel better. She has access to tests that I had never been offered before by my doctor. Not only were they incredibly valuable but it was also fascinating to see the lab results. I continue to learn and enjoy embracing this new way of life.

Christine, Farnham

I was introduced to Karen via my local yoga studio. Having suffered increasingly severe fatigue, memory loss and lack of concentration, I was almost at my wits end. For years I had attributed my tiredness to the busy work schedule I had maintained. It was only with Karen’s help that I began to realise that my symptoms were an indicator of something potentially more dangerous caused by relentless high stress. She arranged for me to have the necessary tests which I could not access through my GP, and carefully crafted a regime of supplements and diet to help me get my body back on an even keel. Over the course of several consultations I have found Karen to be extremely inciteful and compassionate in her approach. Although her main services are as a nutritional therapist, she offers far more than that; I felt for the first time that I had found someone who would give deep consideration to my needs and suggest the best course of action. She was the catalyst for me making changes to my work schedule which, though difficult, I am trying to maintain. The supplements she recommended have been fantastic; within a week of starting to take them I was feeling more alert and better in myself. I still have some way to go to making a full recovery, but I feel confident that with Karen’s support I will get there. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who feels that they need dietary or hormonal support.

Emma, Bordon

Within five minutes of meeting Karen I felt totally comfortable in knowing that I had met the right person to help me. Her knowledge and expertise was both insightful and enlightening. I had all the symptoms of having prostate cancer which was confirmed shortly after my appointment. At the time I was also on prescribed medications for anxiety/depression, blood clotting, and a sleeping disorder. Her task was not an easy endeavour. I knew I needed help and support with my diet to live a healthier lifestyle.
I couldn’t be more impressed with the program she came up with, including a more holistic approach. The ongoing nutritional and emotional support she provides is second to none. Her availability and promptness in replying to any questions I have is equally impressive. After our monthly calls I always feel more energized and positive. Karen did a tremendous amount of research in providing me with what I needed. She encouraged me to have further testing done to help her provide me with the best possible advice. Her recommendations for changing my diet and lifestyle were fully endorsed by my physician, and subsequently my urologist and my surgeon. She also thoroughly explains everything in your personal program in plain language. Her understanding of one’s personal health journey, nutritional and emotional needs far exceeds what I expected.
I am now so much more aware of where I came from and where I need to go to live a healthier, happier, and hopefully, longer life. Karen is not only a humble professional and a wonderful Nutritional Therapist...but she is an even better person who truly cares. I am blessed to have her knowledge, skills and attributes supporting me.

Wayne, Canada

My experience with Karen has been a great one. I went through the cleansing
programme after the tests that were necessary were done i.e blood test and digestion.
This helped Karen work out what programme I needed to follow.  I followed a cleanse and an
eating plan for several months and learnt to cut out the offending foods. It made
such a difference and I lost weight over the time and felt so much better in every way.
The cleanse programme gave me more energy which I was lacking to say the least.
My hair, skin and nails improved. I felt so good. This programme was backed up with
vitamins and minerals which I am still taking. I have learnt from all of this and I realised
my body needed more support and a better diet. As we get older we do not absorb as
efficiently and I found this to be in my case. My sleeping patterns also improved over time
due to Karen’s help once again.
I have been re educated at a time of life that will hopefully will see me through to a greater and
healthier age. Strongly recommend Nutritional Therapy with Karen.

Anne - Farnham

Karen was exactly the kick start I needed to reassess my nutrition needs and unlock how much better I could feel with a plan that supported me directly. Like most people these days, life is very busy and eating intelligently takes a lot of research and knowledge that I don’t possess nor have the time to research. Karen’s expertise and holistic look at everything surrounding my health and how important nutrition is really opened my eyes and has changed my approach completely - you definitely are what you eat. Karen was also extremely valuable when my Mum became ill with cancer, offering important nutrition advice that provided welcome support at such a difficult time.

Charlotte, London

I came to see Karen after meeting her through a mutual friend and discussing my son’s health with her. I felt she was interested and really wanted to help him. Not only did she make sense in everything she explained to me, she was more than willing to go that extra mile to give me all the right information I needed. Karen gave diet and lifestyle lessons that not only benefit my son but me too.

A professional, caring and understanding nutritionist. A true inspiration.

Stella, Hertfordshire

Since beginning my programme with Karen I have felt more in tune with my body’s nutritional needs, her expert knowledge of food in its truest form enlightened me to acknowledge what my body had been lacking for so long. Using Karen’s nutritional advice as a way to take control of my diet has been a liberating experience. I feel more energised and healthy on both an emotional and physical level. I'm so fortunate to have found Karen and started this journey.

Katie, Broxbourne

After having many health issues I went to visit Karen for some advice. After a thorough and very professional consultation, I was given a programme to follow. The results were fantastic and she has given me new inspiration for my eating habits. I can’t recommend Karen enough. It has not all been easy but definitely worth it and beneficial to my health and wellbeing.

Emily, Hertfordshire

Karen was extremely thorough in her consultation with me – she asked plenty of questions to really gather evidence on what my problems might stem from, and offered sound and achievable solutions that were within my budget and fitted with my lifestyle. I really felt like she listened to me, took what I was saying on board and suggested a realistic plan of action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen’s services.

Nicola, Hertfordshire